Soft close ball bearing slides, independent of brand, often suffer in performance, particularly when installed in face frame cabinets or when used on wide drawers.

If a drawer is missaligned just a bit, the slide members compress on one side of the drawer, and separate on the other side. The soft close mechanism fails to engage.

In response, Hardware Resources engineers have developed the Dura-Close™ soft close ball bearing slide system. A slide built for the real world.


How it Works

On a misaligned drawer, on the compressed side, the chamfered ramp helps push the two slide members apart slightly. On the separating side the catch has a wide tolerance, capturing the pin and pulling the slide members together. With these features working in concert, the misaligned drawer aligns and the soft close mechanism engages normally.


Dura-Close™ slide features include:

  • A forgiving catch that flexes to accommodate cabinet variances

  • A virtually indestructible Steel Pin

  • A chamfered ramp that helps correct slide alignment

These enhancements are engineered on their field-proven 303FU Series ball bearing slide chassis. For over a decade, the 303 Slide has been the choice of cabinet makers and trusted in hundreds of thousands of drawer installations. Yet another Techno-vation™ product from Hardware Resources engineering, combining technology and innovation to deliver products with superior performance.


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